Back Pain
Lower Back and Buttock Pain

Five issues that can trigger lower back and buttock pain

Most of us don’t consider just how closely the lower back and buttocks are linked. At least, we don’t until we begin feeling lower back and buttock pain.  Pain can easily radiate through nerves from the lower back to the butt and vice versa, and...
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How Long for Herniated Disc to Heal Without Surgery

How long can it take for my herniated disc to heal without surgery?

Herniated discs are more likely to occur in your neck or lower back, and most of them heal without surgery in six to eight weeks.  A herniated disc is when the outer covering of a disc is damaged, and the tear allows the disc’s inner...
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Lower Back and Pelvic Pain

Two exercises that can help your lower back and pelvic pain

Almost anyone can develop a combination of lower back and pelvic pain. However, there are certain people who are more likely to develop this combination, and pregnant women are at the head of this list.  Studies show that both lower back and pelvic aching are...
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How walking more often can help reduce and prevent back pain

Are you experiencing tightness or discomfort in your lower back? Try taking a walk.  Active walking helps the abdominal and back muscles to work in much the same way as they do when one completes exercises that target these particular areas. And yet, unlike such...
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Three tips that can help treat neck and back pain

Neck and back pain are one of the most common sources of pain in American adults. You might feel resigned to this fact to simply accept neck and back pain as a part of life, but the truth is, there are treatments that help reduce...
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