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Benefits of Personal Training

Benefits of personal training for people in Oakland, CA

Whether you’re an athlete or someone looking to achieve a fitness or wellness goal, it’s natural to hit speed bumps and plateaus along the way. This can include overtraining yourself, having trouble staying motivated, trying to overcome an injury or simply just not knowing what the next step in your training should be. 

For these and other reasons, many people turn to a personal trainer to help them meet their individual needs. Although people are sometimes concerned about issues like cost and time, the fact is that the many benefits that personal training offer more than outweigh the cost for a large number of athletes and other active people. If you’re an Oakland, California, resident who is exploring the possibility of personal training, we’ve prepared the following guide to some of the advantages it can offer. 

What personal training can do for you

Working with a personal trainer gets you one-on-one attention as you work to achieve your athletic performance and/or fitness goals. You also get feedback about your form and progress that you can’t get working alone and is often difficult to get working in a large group setting. 

At SOL Physical Therapy, we can offer the following benefits with our personal training programs:

  • An initial evaluation that includes a functional movement test
  • Identification of risk factors for injury such as muscle imbalances and form issues
  • Expert assistance with establishing performance baselines and goals for your training
  • A completely customized workout and training plan based on your goals and fitness level
  • Flexibility with a plan that can be adjusted according to your progress and lifestyle

Personal training expertise at SOL Physical Therapy

The trainers at our state-of-the-art Oakland facility are experts in the kinetics and interconnected nature of the human body. We believe in an approach that takes the time to understand your goals, and who you are as a person, to help you develop an effective training plan. No matter what your sport or overall goal is, we’re committed to getting you started on your training journey and smashing through any plateaus you encounter along the way. 

Learn more when you contact our team today. We’ll be glad to help you schedule your initial session with one of our personal trainers.

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