Able to slow dance with my wife after fearing I’d never dance again.

Before coming to SOL for Physical Therapy I was kinda bummed about my physical condition.

Some months ago, I lost mobility, my confidence was low and the loss was impeding any progress I might have made on my own.  I felt frightened to move about my house in the dark, scared to walk on uneven ground, and dismal at the idea that I might not ever be able to dance again. In short, I was kinda bummed about my physical condition.”

After to coming to SOL for Physical Therapy  I’m doing things I never would have dared to try two months ago.

In short, I feel like a ton of rip-rap was lifted from my shoulders. I am navigating the tight places in my home that I had always avoided, I walk on even ground with no feeling of terror, I now have the confidence to walk in my home in the dark and, best of all, I was able to slow-dance with my wife at a party two weeks ago.

You can’t imagine the joy and confidence that gave me. I felt 10 feet tall!

Many of the tasks that my therapist had me perform under the safety of her scrutiny were directly applicable to solving my general mobility issues, and indirectly invaluable for the side problems like lack of confidence in moving around.

My progress has been quite apparent to me, and to my friends who see me often.

I’m looking and feeling better with all my locomotion tasks, and most importantly, my confidence level is high. I’m doing things I never would have dared to try two months ago.

For returning lost riches to my life, I tip my hat and give a heartfelt salute to SOL and its entire staff, whose happy and helpful presence helped make the whole experience so incredibly positive.” -B.C.

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