Chronic Pain Treatment & Prevention

Five ways physical therapists help treat and prevent chronic pain

Most of us are familiar with a little pain here or there. However, when you live with long-lasting pain that seems to never want to go away, you need help from a professional.

There are different treatments that can help with chronic pain. In extreme cases, surgery might be necessary, or you might need medication. However, most of the time, people can get by with physical therapy to help treat chronic pain.

Five ways physical therapy helps with chronic pain

  1. Therapeutic strength exercises — Weak and stiff muscles are a common contributing factor to chronic pain. Besides feeling achy themselves, weak and stiff muscles increase strain on your bones and joints, which causes additional pain. Your physical therapist can help by guiding you through safe and gentle exercises designed to target specific muscles that can help reduce and prevent pain.
  2. Gentle stretches — In addition to improving the strength of your muscles, your physical therapist will also guide you through gentle stretches that can improve your flexibility. More flexible muscles and soft tissue are able to move more freely and help reduce pressure off your bones and joints.
  3. Manual therapy — Also known as hands-on therapy, manual therapy involves a series of techniques that use your physical therapist’s hands to help reduce pain and improve your range of motion. Additionally, manual therapy can help break down scar tissue that contributes to your chronic pain or stiffness.
  4. Posture guidance — Poor posture is another common contributing factor to chronic pain. Poor posture strains the muscles and soft tissue and adds stress to your bones and joints. Your physical therapist can examine your posture and help you make improvements to reduce and prevent chronic pain.
  5. Patient education — The way you eat, perform job duties or enjoy hobbies like running can all affect whether you have chronic pain. Your physical therapist can give you guidance for adjusting your everyday life to help reduce and prevent pain.

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