Physical Therapy Posture Exercises

3 easy physical therapy exercises you can do at work to improve your posture

Are you experiencing pain because of poor posture? Bad posture can negatively affect your health. Poor posture can be a physical indicator of your confidence, and if left untreated over time, it can even lead to muscular and spinal conditions and even neck pain. There are a few different options for correcting posture; physical therapy exercises can often be the most helpful.

What are some physical therapy exercises I can use to improve my posture at work?

If you’re stuck sitting in an office during most of the day, your posture can easily suffer. However, implementing quick and easy physical therapy exercises into your workday can be significantly beneficial for your back and neck posture. Here are three super-simple physical therapy exercises that you can do during work to improve your posture:

  1. Shoulder shrug with chin tuck — This one you can do while sitting in your chair. Imagine lining up the bottom of your rib cage with your hip bones, and then slowly roll your shoulders up and then back down again. Next, slowly drop your chin down toward your chest. You should be able to feel the stretch at the top of your spine.
  1. Standing chest-opening stretch — Sitting in an office chair can sometimes cause you to slouch over with your chest and shoulders curved inward. This exercise helps stretch the muscles in your chest. It’s best done standing, but could also be done in a chair with no back rest. 

First, put your arms around your back and lock your fingers together. Make sure your back is straight and your head is facing forward. Slowly take a big breath in so that your chest rises, and push your hands down toward the floor, still locked together. If you like, you can hold your breath for four seconds and then breathe out for six seconds. After you breathe out, you can relax your arms. Repeat several times. If you happen to experience any pain or discomfort when extending your arms, check out this article about elbow exercises that help reduce this kind of pain.

  1. Isometric rows — This particular posture exercise can provide relief if you’ve been stationary for a long period of time. To do this one, you can sit up in a chair and bend your elbows so that your arms are bent on either side of your chest and your palms are facing each other. Take a deep breath and pull your elbows back toward your chair as far as you can. Hold still in this stance for 15 seconds, and then slowly release. Repeat several times throughout the day.

If you’re looking for more easy physical therapy exercises you can use to help your posture even when you’re at work, we’ve got plenty. Our SOL Physical Therapy team is committed to doing our best to assist you on your wellness journey. Since 1997, our clinicians have been dedicated to providing the best quality of care possible for our patients. 

Contact our team today for more information about how we can help you improve your posture or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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