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Nolan Quinabo, DPT

The best treatment is fun, effective, preventative, and built around you.

Nolan Quinabo DPT

Physical Therapy Schedule

Nolan practices Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at our Main Office in Oakland.

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Certifications and Professional Highlights

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, Mount St. Mary’s College

  • B.A. of Sociology from the University of Washington

  • 10+ years Certified Massage Therapist


Nolan Quinabo is, by far, the most upbeat and jolly physical therapist on the SOLPT roster. Although he is very serious about effective physical therapy, Nolan’s patients can count on his kind heart and good-humored bedside manner. No matter what the goals for rehab, Nolan ensures his patients reach them through treatment that is relevant, individualized, focused around prevention of future injuries, and as fun as possible.

Nolan’s passion for PT comes out of being an athlete himself. He’s been hurt in the past and knows how frustrating it can be to watch the action from the sidelines. Add that drive to his experiences working with collegiate-level men’s basketball teams, men and women’s tennis, soccer, track and field teams, and his current volleyball team, and you understand how Nolan got hooked on helping people dive right back into the sports and activities that they love.

When it comes to keeping up on the latest developments in physical therapy treatments, Nolan’s main drive in pursuing continuuing education courses and certifications lies in his belief that most athletes (and most people in general) would garner far greater benefit from physical therapy if they came in at the first sign of damage or weakness, instead of waiting until there is serious damage. And once you start working with him, Nolan strives to return every patient, no matter athlete or not, back to the game of life without pain or problems.

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