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SOL Physical Therapy Treats Workers’ Compensation Patients

We are happy to treat injured workers utilizing workers’ compensation to cover their physical therapy visits.

If you, your injured worker, or your patient are seeking physical therapy services at SOL, here is what we need before we can schedule an evaluation visit.

1. Authorization Letter

Before we can put an injured worker on our schedule, we require an authorization letter that contains the following information:

  1. The date of authorization.
  2. The number of visits authorized.
  3. “Sports + Orthopedic Leaders” as the authorized treating facility.
  4. The name and phone number of the adjuster.

We also must be in the provider network for the insurance carrier. For a detailed list of these insurance carriers, click here.

2. Physician’s Prescription or Referral

In addition to the authorization letter, we will need the prescription or referral for physical therapy from the physician currently working with the injured worker on their case.

Supplies for Workers’ Compensation

For certain cases, a physical therapist may recommend supplies to help with your rehabilitation.  Workers’ compensation may approve payment for these supplies, but there is a process that must be followed:

  1. Your physical therapist recommends a physical therapy supply, and writes a prescription.
  2. SOL staff faxes the supply prescription to your referring physician.
  3. Your referring physician signs the prescription, and returns it to SOL.
  4. SOL staff will fax the physician signed prescription to your adjuster.
  5. Upon approval from your claims administrator, SOL will issue the supply.

If the request is denied, we are happy to provide you with the out-of-pocket cost for supplies.

Are you a physician referring an injured worker to us for care?

We are happy to reach out to your patient and schedule them for physical therapy.

You can fax all their workers’ compensation related documentation to us using the following fax numbers:

  1. Oakland Office: 510-923-1944
  2. Walnut Creek Office: 831-425-3538