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Using a Superbill to Submit To Insurance for Reimbursement

To process a reimbursement claim, insurance companies require certain matierals and information. The following guide will help you navigate submitting your claim to your insurance company.


Submitting to Insurance

In order to maximize your reimbursement and expedite your insurance claim, we suggest that you include the following items in your claim submission to your insurance company:

  1. A superbill of services rendered at SOLPT.
  2. A copy of your physical therapy prescription/referral from your medical doctor acknowledging medical necessity for physical therapy services.
  3. A patient claim form from your insurance company.
  4. A subscriber or member identification number.

Be Aware: Don’t forget to include your identification number with your submission. We have found that claims are processed most efficiently when this information is clearly printed on your claim.

What is a superbill? A detailed summary of all diagnosis and treatment codes that your insurance company will need in order to process your claim.


Requesting a Superbill

When you are ready to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement:

  1. Ask the Front Desk Coordinators for your “Superbill.”
  2. Indicate whether you would prefer your superbill mailed, emailed, or ready for you at your next visit.
  3. The front desk coordinators will fill out a superbill request and submit it to SOL’s account manager.

Be Aware: It can take up to 48 hours to process your superbill request.


Claim Form Information

  • Claim forms can be found most easily on your insurance company’s general website under the “Claims” section.
  • It is absolutely necessary that you fill out all requested information on this form.
  • For your convenience, any information requested regarding your diagnosis and/or treatment codes is already included in your superbill.


How Often to Apply for Reimbursement (And When To Request Your Superbill)

This is a matter of personal preference. Here are some commonly utilized strategies patients use for applying for reimbursement:

  • After every visit.
    • Request your superbill every time you check in to an appointment.
    • Your superbill will include just the single date of service.
  • At regular intervals throughout treatment.
    • Request your superbill when you’re ready.
    • Your superbill will include all dates of service since your last request.
  • At the end of completed treatment. 
    • Request your superbill at your last scheduled visit (or over the phone).
    • Your superbill will include every date of service throughout your course of care.