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Cash Rates for SOL Services

Direct Access

As of January 2014, California law allows licensed physical therapists to treat you without obtaining a referral from your doctor.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • After 12 visits or 45 days (whichever comes first), a doctor must sign off on any further treatment.
  • While we can see you without a prescription or referral, your insurance network may still require a referral to cover the costs of your visits.

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Using Insurance to Pay for Physical Therapy Visits

We are happy to assist you in determining your level of coverage for outpatient physical therapy services, and will verify coverage before initiating physical therapy.

Please note: Your expected contribution for outpatient physical therapy may not be the same as your co-pay or co-insurance for other types of medical visits.

SOL Front Desk Coordinator Wisdom: You are your best advocate when it comes to understanding how your insurance works. Call your insurance company, ask them questions, and ask us questions to make sure you know exactly how much coverage you have.

SOL Physical Therapy Accepts Many Major PPO Insurance Plans, Workers’ Compensation, and Auto Insurance


SOL has contracts with the following insurance carriers, and will send bills to these carriers on your behalf.

Click below for a detailed list of all insurances with whom we are in network.

Detailed List of Insurances Accepted at SOLPT

Blue Shield PPO
Medicare Part B
Aetna PPO or POS
American PPO
Cigna PPO
Evolutions Healthcare Systems, Inc.
First Health/CCN/Coventry
Fortified Provider Network (FPN)
Global Medical Management
Health Management Network
Integrated Health Plan (IHP)
Three Rivers Provider Network (TRPN)
USA Managed Care Organization

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Workers’ Compensation: 

To schedule your first appointment:

  1. We must be in network with the insurance carrier adjudicating your claim (see list below).
  2. We must have your authorization letter and referral before we schedule you for care.


Detailed List of Workers' Compensation MPNs

Any Workers’ Compensation without MPNs
First Health/CCN/Coventry
Fortified Provider Network (FPN)
Integrated Health Plan (IHP)
WC Expansion Program

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Auto Insurance 

In order to be seen under an auto-insurance claim, you must be the policy holder.

We do not accept third party claims or liens.

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Medicare Part B

We are happy to provide services to those who are covered under Medicare Part B.

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Out Of Network Insurances – Billed Directly

SOL does not have contracts with these carriers, but is happy to bill your care to these carriers directly on your behalf.

  • United Health Care (UHC)
  • GEHA
Out Of Network Insurances – Reimbursement

SOL does not have a contract with the following insurance carriers. After paying our cash rates for services, we will provide all the required documentation you will need to submit claims for reimbursement of care.

  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Health Net
  • Multi-Plan
  • Pacific Care


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SOL Physical Therapy is happy to treat patients with the following insurances at our discounted cash rates.

SOL is not an insurance provider for the following insurances:

  • HMOs
  • Medi-Cal
  • VA Insurance
  • Third Party Auto or Liens
  • Kaiser
  • Covered California*

*Exception: If you have obtained a Blue Shield PPO plan through covered California, we will bill your insurance directly on your behalf.

Cash Rates for SOL Services

Physical Therapy Services

Discounted Cash Rates

  • Initial Evaluation: $215
  • Extended Follow-Up: $200
  • Standard Follow-Up: $160

Please Note: Tammara Moore offers physical therapy services on a concierge basis only. Please contact our main office for more information regarding their rates.

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Wellness Services

Massage Therapy Rates:

  • 50 Minute Session: $110
  • 80 Minute Session: $140

AlterG Appointments:

  • Free Movement: $99/Month
  • Therapeutic Movement (30 Mins): $100

ART Session (30 Mins): $120

Light Therapy (30 Mins): $50

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