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What Your Physical Therapy Follow-Ups Will Be Like

After you’ve completed your physical therapy evaluation, you will come in for a series of follow-up visits. SOL physical therapy follow-ups are one-hour visits, comprised of up to 3 phases, where you work with the SOL physical therapy team to rehabilitate your injury or issue.


When you check in for follow-up visits, come up to the front desk and do the following:

  • Sign in with your name, the time you arrived, and the physical therapist you’re seeing.
  • Pay your co-pay, co-insurance, deductible, or visit payment.
  • Take a seat and wait for your physical therapist to come get you.

Have you been instructed to get started right away?
Let the front desk staff know that your PT wants you to start warming up for your session, and head back to the gym.


The 3 Phases of a SOL Physical Therapy Follow-Up

Phase 1: One-on-One With Your Physical Therapist

Your physical therapist will spend the first part of every follow-up visit dong the following:

  • Assessing your progress.
  • Doing hands-on manual physical therapy.
  • Coming up with an updated home exercise plan.

Phase 2: The Transition

After your one-on-one time, your physical therapist will prescribe exercises, and transition your care to a physical therapy aide.

During this transition your physical therapist will:

  • Explain your particular set of exercises to you and the aide.
  • Inform the aide of considerations specific to your progress.

Phase 3: Completing Prescribed Exercises

For the final phase of your physical therapy, you will complete the prescribed exercises while being monitored by one of our physical therapy aides.

Aides will make sure:

  • Your form is correct.
  • You are pushing yourself hard enough, but not too hard.
  • You are doing the correct number of repetitions.

Be Aware: Physical Therapy Aides may be working with 1 – 2 other patients while they are working with you.


A Note On the Possibility of a 2-Phase Follow-Up

While most of our patients will experience the follow-up as described above, there are a few scenarios where you will only do phases 1 and 3, without transitioning to a physical therapy aide.

You may experience a 2-phase follow-up when:

  • You are using medicare to pay for your visits.
  • Your visit is scheduled for a time slot where a physical therapy aide is not available.
  • You are a cash pay patient who has requested extended PT follow-ups.

Be Aware: Because phase 2 has been eliminated in these cases, your visit will be less than an hour in length. Despite the shorter timeframe, your quality of care will remain the same.


Before You Leave

Before exiting the office, please make sure you do the following:

  • Confirm your next follow-up visit with the front desk.
  • Schedule any additional follow-ups you may need.
  • Pay for your visit, if you haven’t already done so.