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Setting Up Your SOL Physical Therapy Evaluation

Setting up your physical therapy evaluation is a simple three step process that takes anywhere from 5 – 15 minutes.

When you call or stop by, SOL’s front desk coordinators will:

  1. Enter you into our system.
  2. Schedule your first appointment and several follow-up visits.
  3. Orient you to our clinic.

Below we will detail everything you need to successfully set up your physical therapy evaluation.


What To Compile Before You Call

To expedite setting up your physical therapy evaluation, here is the information and materials you should have available:

  1. Your calendar.
  2. What issue or body part we will be helping you to rehabilitate.
  3. If you are using insurance to pay for visits, please have the following available:
    • Your insurance card.
    • The name of the doctor referring you to SOL for care.
    • Your referral or prescription.

Don’t have a prescription or referral? Still want to use your insurance for care? Read here to find out if you qualify for direct access.

Make an Appointment


Schedule As Many Follow-Up Appointments As Possible

Physical Therapy is a process.  To reach your goals and achieve your desired results, follow-up appointments are always necessary.

To ensure you get a regular spot on your physical therapist’s schedule, we recommend you schedule as many appointments into the future as you are comfortable.

SOL Front Desk Coordinator Wisdom: “It’s much easier to put you on the schedule now and take you off later, than it is to squeeze you in when there is no space.”

How many follow-ups should you schedule?

If you have a prescription or referral, the doctor may recommend a frequency for your care. The frequency will be listed on the document as something like: 2 visits x 6 weeks.

If the doctor recommends “Evaluate and Treat” or if you are not coming in with a referral, we recommend you schedule 2 visits per week for 4 weeks.

If your physical therapist feels you need less visits, we can always take extra visits off your physical therapy schedule.