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Functional Movement Screen

While we would all like to think of ourselves as perfect biological specimens, the truth is our bodies naturally (and due to injury and age) contain weaknesses – functional limitations and asymmetries that affect the way we move. Whether you’re an athlete in training or an active adult working to limit pain and maintain a good bill of health, these limitations can hold you back.

Functional Movement Screen

How it works

Functional Movement Screens strive to overcome these bio mechanic deficiencies through a closer examination of functional, whole-body movement. Using a ranking and grading system that documents movement patters key to normal functions, FMS experts will target problems that can cause injury and pain, then create a trackable regimen to address these deficiencies and improve your fitness outlook.

Getting started

To learn your Functional Movement Screen Score (FMSS) and how you can use this score to build strength and restore proper movement, contact SOL online or at (510) 547-1630.

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