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What To Expect at SOL Performance

The SOL Performance Training Center is a bustling space fully dedicated to movement. While you’re here for services, there are certain things you can expect.

What to expect during performance training or small group training.

Style of Training

At SOL Performance training, we aim to push you to do so much more than just raise your heart rate and sweat.

Our ultimate goal is to teach you a wide range of  fundamentally sound movements that boost performance, prevent injury, and give you the tools to move well all throughout your life.

In addition to raising your heartrate and making you sweat, SOL Performance Coaches place emphasis on assessing and correcting movements that could lead to injury or that are holding you back from reaching your fitness goals.

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There will be other people training.

While you’re receiving training services, it’s very likely that there there will be other people training around you (and sometimes right next to where your session is happening). If you see other clients doing something interesting or using equipment that you haven’t yet used, asked your performance coach for more information.

There may be people receiving physical therapy services.

While performance training happens in a large, open one-room gym, you may notice three rooms adjacent to the gym. In addition to performance training services, we offer physical therapy at the Performance Training Center, and these three rooms accommodate those patients. Physical therapy patients also do their rehabilitative exercises out in the gym area with a Physical Therapy Aide. If you see rehab patients doing exercises that seem interesting, ask your performance coach about them.

You might be training outside.

In addition to our large gym space, we also have a large outdoor training space adjacent to our buiding. Depending on the small group training you’re attending or the performance training session your trainer customized for you, you may be outside (weather permitting, of course). If you prefer outdoor training sessions, let your performance coach know.

What to expect during massage therapy services.

You will be in a private back room.

While all our training and physical therapy services are happening in the main gym and three adjacent rooms, massage therapy occurs in a fourth, private room. Quite spacious, you will be away from all the training happening in the main building space.

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What to expect when using the Alter-G.

The Alter-G is in our main gym, and you will be among the training and physical therapy services happening. If you require assistance at any time, you can ask a member of our administrative staff for help.

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