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Your First Visit to SOL Performance

What To Bring

Before you head out, we recommend you bring the following

  1. Your completed paperwork.*
  2. A towel.
  3. A water bottle.
  4. Payment for services. (We accept credit cards, cash, and checks.)

*Don’t have access to a printer? Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out the intake paperwork in its entirety.


What to Wear

You will be moving! Wear gear you can move and sweat in.

Here are some pointers for choosing what to wear to all your visits at SOL Performance.

  • Clothes:
    • Anything that enables you to easily move, bend, jump, press, plank, or squat.
  • Shoes:
    • None. It’s common practice for folks to workout in socks or bare feet, as going shoe-less helps give the type of physical feedback for perfect form and posture.
    • Flat-Soled Shoes: For folks who need to or who prefer working out in shoes, we recommend flat-soled shoes with a zero heel drop.


Where to Park

Feel free to park:

  • In one of the 6 spots behind the building.
  • On Piedmont Avenue by feeding the meter
  • Off Piedmont Avenue for free.

Important Note: Please do not leave valuables in your car or in plain site. Either lock valuables in your trunk, or lock them in the lockers located in the performance center.


Checking In

When you arrive, let the front desk know you’re here and that you’ve never been to SOL Performance before.

  1. If you have paperwork, go ahead and give it to your trainer.
  2. If you don’t have paperwork, ask your trainer for a packet to fill out.
  3. If you require locked storage, please ask a trainer for a lock.
  4. If you haven’t already paid for your session online (and if there’s time), please pay the front desk for your session.



We have two private restrooms you can use to change. The restroom to the left as you walk toward them has lockers you can use for storage during your workout.


The Shower Situation

SOL Performance Training does not have a shower.

However, we do offer Showerpill Athletic Body wipes for you use, should you not have time/access to a shower between your visit at SOL Performance and your next activity for the day.


Checking Out

When you’re ready to go, stop by the front desk if:

  1. You’d didn’t get a chance to pay for your session.
  2. You’d like to schedule additional sessions.