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New SOL Performance Clients

You want to move for life.
You’re ready to start training with SOL Performance.


Getting started is beyond easy.

1. To set up your first Performance Training Session, Small Group Training, or Restoration Session you can:

2. Fill out the required paperwork ahead of time.
3. Show up 10 minutes early to your first appointment.
4. Optional: Read our detailed guides to learn more!

Getting Started with SOL Performance

The Day of Your First Visit
This detailed guide goes over:

  • What to bring with you.
  • What to wear.
  • Where to park.
  • Where to change.
  • The shower situation.
  • Checking in and checking out.

What to Expect
SOL Performance Training is one-room space dedicated to movement. Read more to learn what to expect while you’re getting services at SOL Performance.