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SOL Functional Movement

Change the way you move through the world.

SOL Functional Movement

SOL Functional Movement is a 60 minute primer course on functional movement and exercise recovery.

Through participation in the training, you will develop the core strength and mobility necessary for improved performance across all forms of movement.

If your goal is improve everyday movement, SOL Functional Movement will provide the skills you need. If your goal is to improve sports performance, SOL Functional movement is an excellent complement to an existing workout regimen and to our other small group trainings.

Level: Beginners are welcome and encouraged.

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SOL Functional Movement, Level II

The next step up from SOL Functional Movement, our 60 minute Level II course helps you to continue your progress in building a functional foundation for movement.

To add to your developing core strength and mobility, SOL Functional Movement Level 2 will improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, stability, and dynamic foot movements.

Participation in this course will leave you well equipped for success in SOL Strength, SOL Bootcamp, and SOL TRX Training – some of our more physically demanding trainings.

Level: Beginners are welcome and encouraged.

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In addition to functional movement training, SOL Performance Training has plenty of high quality small group training for you to choose from.

All Small Group Sessions are held at SOL Performance Training at 4341 Piedmont Ave #103 Oakland, CA.

Call us at (510) 547-1630 if you have any questions about group training, one-on-one personal training, or physical therapy services.

Space in each Group Session is limited, so reserve your spot ASAP!

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