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SOL Pilates combines elements of flexibility, core strength, balance, and agility – all of which work to help you feel and perform your best.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of exercise which emphasizes posture, body awareness, healthy movement patterns, and balance. Pilates functions to correct structural imbalances experienced by the body over time, gradually improving motor control and movement performance. Exercises are often performed in a supervised environment using a floor mat or various equipment, and can benefit just about anyone, regardless of age or condition.

Why Pilates?

Safe and refreshing, benefits of pilates include the development of stable core musculature which protects the spine from dysfunction, the creation of lean and flexible muscles through emphasis on strength throughout the joint range of motion, and balanced movement patterns which result in efficient motion and reduced incidence of injury.

Pilates Options

Raminder Doshanjh, an expert in both Pilates and rehabilitation, is the driving force behind SOL’s Pilates program. SOL’s program is specifically suited for those who wish to improve movement patterns and enhance performance during any and all of life’s many physical activities. SOL Pilates can be used for sports rehab and performance, pre-post natal care, chronic pain management, osteoporosis management, and more.

Please Note: The Pilates program at SOL is quite popular due to its extraordinary efficacy. While Raminder is accepting new patients, it is normal for his schedule to be 100% full for up 3 weeks from the time time you’re calling. When scheduling your initial appointment, it is highly recommended you schedule out as far into the future as you are comfortable to ensure follow-up appointments are available.

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