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AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®

Don’t Let Gravity Slow Your Progress
Get Rid of Gravity with SOL’s AlterG®

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Sometimes, gravitational pull is the best trainer. In order to succeed despite it’s mighty force, you have to lift, move, and run harder.

However, when you’re rehabilitating from injury, hitting a plateau in the middle of a sports season, or training for an endurance event, repeated impact due to the effects of gravity can slow or ruin your ability to move. Hindered or halted movement can completely ruin your mood, your athletic progress, and your waistline.

Enter the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®. With technology built for NASA, the AlterG® enables you to keep moving without having to consistently fight gravity. By reducing your body weight by up to 90%, you also reduce the impact that your muscles and joints experience when moving under the force of full gravity.

Reduced impact can speed up rehab, boost performance, and help those who aren’t usually mobile to reap the myriad benefits of aerobic activity.

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Three AlterG® Appointments To Fit Your Anti-Gravity Needs

Therapeutic Movement

You’re using the AlterG® for rehab, and you want a physical therapist to supervise your progress.

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Free Movement

You’ve been trained to use the AlterG®, and require no assistance to get in/out of the apparatus.

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Assisted Movement

You don’t need supervision while you’re running, but you do need a bit of help getting in/out of the Alter G.

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