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Don’t Break That Dorito! (And 3 other tips for avoiding shoulder cramping while you run.)

Do you experience cramps in your shoulders when you run?   The solution to your problem is 4 simple steps away: Step 1: Unclench those fists! Avoid running with tight fists. Let your hands relax. Pro-Tip: Imagine running with a potato chip between your fingertips. Don’t break that dorito!   Step 2: Keep your shoulder […]

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Able to slow dance with my wife after fearing I’d never dance again.

Our therapists work extremely hard every single day to change people’s lives for the better. We are so proud to have been part of this clients progress and return to richness of life. Describe how you felt before coming to SOL for Physical Therapy I was kinda bummed about my physical condition. “Some months ago, […]

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Tommy John Surgery Isn’t For Kids: How to Prevent Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes

This month’s issue of SOL’s newsletter “Move for Life with SOL” is out! If you’d like receive this content straight to your inbox (complete with special offers), subscribe today! “Give them time off to recover. Please. Give them time to recover.” –Dr. James Andrews Participation in sports is hugely beneficial for young people – and those […]

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Suffering From Tendinitis or Tendinosis? Come To Dr. Shah’s Lecture at SOLPT

On March 31st, 2015 at 7pm, SOLPT is honored to host Dr. Selina Shah as a part of our Community Lecture Series. Dr. Shah will be discussing a Tenex Health TX, a treatment designed to help patients suffering from tendinitis or tendinosis. You’re 3 tennis matches into the afternoon. You felt good after your first […]

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Pain relief + back to hiking + working out after just 4 sessions.

As this happy patient demonstrates, physical therapy can be a quick way to return to the activities you love. We’re so happy that this patient has experienced such wonderful results! After one session, my shoulder pain is 95% eliminated. “Before: My right shoulder was extremely painful to rotate and raise arm. After one session, plus practicing […]

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Our outdoor bootcampers swinging kettlebells.

SOL Newsletter: Want to Improve Performance? Welcome Peer Pressure to Your Training.

SOL’s March Edition of our newsletter Move For Life came out last Thursday, and has  some seriously helpful information regarding how peer pressure can be a good thing when it comes to increasing performance. Would you like this helpful monthly newsletter sent directly to your inbox? Click here to sign up! Want to Improve Performance? Welcome Peer Pressure […]

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My Last 9 Months of Performance Training Have Been Miraculous

At SOL, our team is all about working hard to ensure our patients and clients achieve their performance goals. As a results-oriented group we relish the moments when our clients take the time to tell us exactly how we’re doing, and the following testimonial is no exception. This patient started off with us as Physical […]

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SOLPT Guide: Do you need a referral to use insurance coverage for PT?

You call your insurance company and ask them, “Do I need a referral to get physical therapy services?” The helpful and friendly representative on the other line states, “No! Your plan does not require a referral for physical therapy services.” Here’s the rub. They might be totally right. They also might be utterly and completely […]

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