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Overuse injuries

At what age should someone specialize in a given sport? This question is a hot topic today; from parent to researcher, everyone has an opinion. So who is right? Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal answer. Past research suggests that 10,000 hours are needed to be elite at a skill, while current research states that this […]

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Join the SOL Running Club!

At SOL Physical Therapy Oakland and SOL Performance Training Oakland we understand the effort that’s required to train for a marathon or even just to summon the motivation to start moving toward better health. We know this because we are athletes and we are training for our own events right now. Our PTs spearheaded the SOL […]

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Thousands saved! by strength?

When a injury suddenly sidelines you, it’s easy to feel frustrated, and demotivated.  It is  also a great time to evaluate what continues to cause your injuries in the first place.  Unstable diet and exercise are  often contributing factors when you find that (once again) you are not able to do what you love.  Did you realize that by […]

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SOL Performance You will love Russian Kettlebell Training!

  Oakland, CA (PRWEB Oakland sports rehab and fitness training center, SOL Performance Training, a cutting-edge facility that bridges the gap between physical therapy and personal training, recently began to offer a variety of workouts with Russian kettlebells, a time-honored training method that studies show is effective for weight loss, strength training and rehabilitation. Kettlebell […]

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Cross Training

What is cross training?  Well, for many people, they believe it to be all or a combination of swimming, biking, and running.  Cross training is actually an additional training activity that can improve your overall performance, accelerate your recovery, and decrease risk of injury. Cross training doesn’t have to involve combined sports specific activities, i.e. […]

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