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The Facts About Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common disabling medical conditions among adults over the age of 65.  The word arthritis comes from a blend of the Greek word arthron, for “joint,” and itis, for “inflammation.”  Arthritis literally means “joint inflammation.” Arthritis occurs in various forms, some occurring gradually as a result of natural wear and […]

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Thousands saved! by strength?

When a injury suddenly sidelines you, it’s easy to feel frustrated, and demotivated.  It is  also a great time to evaluate what continues to cause your injuries in the first place.  Unstable diet and exercise are  often contributing factors when you find that (once again) you are not able to do what you love.  Did you realize that by […]

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Do You Suffer from Osteoarthritis in the Knee? Why Should You Consider Physical Therapy First?

This information shows that Physical Therapy works better than arthroscopic surgery. Ask your doctor about Physical Therapy and please read this before you consider more drastic measures http://ht.ly/291Qu Here is what one of our patient’s results have been with PT who happens to have a very severe arthritic knee:   “Before I came to SOL, […]

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