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Don’t Break That Dorito! (And 3 other tips for avoiding shoulder cramping while you run.)

Do you experience cramps in your shoulders when you run?


The solution to your problem is 4 simple steps away:

Step 1: Unclench those fists!

Avoid running with tight fists. Let your hands relax.

Pro-Tip: Imagine running with a potato chip between your fingertips. Don’t break that dorito!


Step 2: Keep your shoulder blades back and down.

Your neck isn’t going to help you run faster.

Keep your shoulder blades back, down and out of your ears.

Picture of Runners

Step 3: Arms should be 90/90, Cheek to Cheek

Both arms should always be flexed at 90 degrees at the elbow.

Your thumbs should track from the cheek on your face to the cheek on … not your face.


Peanut!Step 4: Foam roll before and after your run.

Grab a “peanut” (two tennis or lacrosse balls taped together) and roll out your thoracic spine and neck before and after your run.

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