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Active Release Techniques Works

Active Release Techniques, or ART, is the gold standard in therapeutic massage treatment and soft tissue manipulation for one important reason: it works. And the physical therapists at SOL Physical Therapy – Oakland and Walnut Creek have the success stories to prove it.

Talia, for example, was experiencing sharp muscle pain and movement problems in her shoulder which were putting a severe strain on her quality of life. She could no longer swim, nor could she fully raise her arm or turn her neck.

The physical therapy team at SOL Physical Therapy turned to active release techniques to both reduce pain and improve Talia’s range of motion. She worked with Ann-Michelle Ongerth, DPT, and the treatment worked wonders.

“The active release techniques that Ann-Michelle did on my shoulder… took the pain away,” Talia said. “My shoulder pain is 90 to 100 percent gone. The exercises we worked on are lifelong, and Ann-Michelle helped me learn that.”

Such positive results are typical when active release techniques are applied, says Tammara Moore, DPT, OCS, founder of SOL Physical Therapy.

“The best way to describe it is if it’s going to work, there are specific results pretty quickly,” Moore said. “Within six to 12 treatments, we will often see significant results.”

In the physical therapy world, Moore is considered a preeminent authority on ART. She was the first physical therapist in the country to be trained in active release techniques, and has utilized the treatment in her practice since 1997.

Today, Moore and her SOL Physical Therapy colleague, Nina Patterson, MPT, OCS, are active release techniques instructors, teaching the treatment to PTs in the U.S. and Canada four to five times per year. The word is out about the effectiveness of active release techniques, so much so that most Olympians and professional athletes today have direct access to an ART provider.

“I’m inspired to share ART with other physical therapists because of the results we are getting,” Moore said. “We’ve seen a growth in our practice, and I have to attribute much of this to active release techniques – being good with our hands and improving range of motion not only in the joints, but also soft tissue.

“When we can get people back to life by eliminating pain and restoring range of motion, this creates more passion for what we do. And over the years, this has gotten SOL Physical Therapy recognized as a place that gets results.”

Call today or visit us in person to sign up for an Active Release Techniques class:

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