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Congratulations to Tyler, Brian, Bryan, Chris and Jen for completing the FMS and SFMA

Congratulations are in order for several of our staff members for their participation in the FMS and SFMA courses this past weekend!



Tyler Williams, DPT completed the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) course.  Tyler is now certified to perform FMS screens on clients to properly identify physical imbalances, limitations and weaknesses, as well as establish a functional baseline to mark progress.   Participation in an FMS screen allows for improvements in fundamental movement patterns through the creation of an individualized training and conditioning program, as well as reduces the potential for training and sports injuries by restoring stability, mobility and symmetry. Clients of  SOL Physical Therapy Oakland, SOL Santa Cruz and SOL Performance Training can request and FMS  from one of our certified Therapists, Trainers or Aides.



Brian Kozono, DPT, Bryan Ausinheiler, DPT and Jennifer Naughton, DPT all of SOL Oakland and Chris Taquino, DPT of SOL Santa Cruz participated in the SFMA (Selective Funcationl Movement Assessment) course where they learned a comprehensive series of full body movement tests designed to assess fundamental patterns of movement (i.e. bending, squatting) in patients with existing musculoskeletal pain.  This assessment gives our practitioners a new approach to treating pain and dysfunction by examining and identifying seemingly unrelated movements that are  the root cause of the pain.  You can learn more about the SFMA here .

Congratulations again to Tyler, Brian, Bryan, Chris and Jennifer!  We love that our therapists are excited to add to their skill sets and hope that you see a difference in the care it enables us to offer you!




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