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Stand Up: Your Life Could Depend On It

Check out this article from Medical News Today entitled, “Stand Up: Your Life Could Depend On It”.  The Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study, the largest ongoing study of healthy ageing in the Southern Hemisphere, showed “inactive people who sat the most had double the risk of dying within three years than the active people who sat least. And among the physically inactive group, those who sat the most had nearly one-third higher chance of dying than those who sat least.”  It’s a great reminder for us all to get up and move whenever and wherever we can throughout the day.   A few quick examples: don’t just look for the closest parking space…park a little further away and walk, instead of sitting down for your lunch break, grab a quick bite to eat and then spend the remainder of your time going for a walk, try taking the stairs instead of the elevator, do some stretching instead of sitting on the couch while you watch tv, etc.  The little things really can make a big difference over time.

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